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Studienkolleg Aachen!

Study in Aachen

We, with our partner Carpe Diem Private School, are a  preparatory college based in Aachen, a vibrant university town where more than 43,000 students from all over the globe constitute approximately 15% of the local population.

This, as well as its close proximity to the Netherlands and Belgium, gives the place its unique international flair.

With five local universities to choose from, including the world-renowned RWTH Aachen, you may not even have to relocate once you have passed the FSP university admissions test that our Foundation Courses perfectly prepare you for.

Why choose us

No admissions test.

Flexible entry to our

Foundation Courses.

Affordable, homely student accommodation available

(single or twin rooms).

Highly-qualified teaching staff, innovative teaching materials.

Apply now for the winter semester 2023/24 !

Our Foundation Courses





Your success is our success.

Way2Germany Academy


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